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Inspired by the Higgs field

Contemplating Human Existence and Evolution

The reason we have evolved to exist is that according to the Higgs team our electron clouds, protons and neutrons that make up our molecules, proteins and DNA are the kind of particles that get trapped and affected by the Higgs field.

The Higgs field is an ever present field that allows us to have mass and in effect to be at one spot for a relatively long time. Staying at roughly one place for a while allows chemical reactions to occur on complex molecules which in turn  permits further interaction and biological life as we know it. Science fiction writers have called it the “God field” and it’s associated excitation the “God particle”.

In comparison, a photon is forced by nature to travel at the speed of light in vacuum and probably does not constitute a life form, at least not in our human time scale or universe space scale!

The Higgs field allows our universe with its’ idiosyncratic particles and fields to coexist after the Big Bang and everything that comes in it including us.

We exist in a state of perpetual vibration; one of which we cannot physically see but about which we have created a theoretical basis with which we can experiment with our own energy states.

What I’m experiencing right now, as I’m typing these words and in a sense what allows me to type these words is the physical repulsion forces caused by the exchange of electron clouds of the molecular orbitals of the molecules of my skin.

The forces are in turn passed on by my dermis and all the other tissues and finally the minerals that compose my ostein skeleton. Reminiscent of the Shakespearean scenes in Hamlet.

My skin is damaged when enough energy is deposited that allows overcoming the bond energy of billions of molecular bonds and forces that separate the electron clouds of the many chemical elements that constitute my epidermis.

Hamlet would not have been able to contemplate the words “to be or not to be” or the writer to compose these naive sentences without the omnipresence of the Higgs field.


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